Discover America's Best Selling China Dinnerware

Published: 14th June 2011
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Finding the best china dinnerware is a daunting task. There are so many brands out there and a lot of them can be very expensive. The fact is that you can set a fabulous table with some very inexpensive china dinnerware. The price is not an indication of substandard quality these days. We have found several very popular brands that are the best sellers all over America. Each one is affordable and will be a great addition to any dinning room.

1. From Villeroy & Boch you have the French Garden. This is a beautiful design that will make your guest feel as if they have stepped into a French café. The motif was introduced in 1997 and has been one of America's best sellers since 2000. Find it online at for just 49.00

2. Haviland's Lacque de Chine Pistachio Gold dinnerware is 95.00 dollars at Bloomingdales. This set was introduced into the Haviland line in 2006 and was an immediate best seller. It will add dignity to any table setting.

3. Next we have from Crate & Barrel a China pattern dubbed "White Pearl" which was rolled out in 2003 and it is only 19.95. You can purchase the set online at Do not let the low price tag be a deterrent. The place setting has all the style and sophistication of the most expensive china.

4. For 55.00 you can experience the grace and elegance of this fine china set by Mottahedeh. The "Blue Canton" is a vision of loveliness that adds a dash of color to an elegantly appointed table setting. The pattern has been a staple of the Mottahedeh line since 1965 and a best selling item since 1983.

5. The "Oberon" from Wedgwood, a company known for its style and panache is well worth the 56.00 price tag. It has been a best seller for Wedgwood since 1992 and was first introduced to the public in 1992. Buy it online at

6. Finally we come to one of the best known names in china, Royal Doulton. The "Old country Rose" china pattern is a favorite design of those decorating the dinning table to reflect a purer and simpler time in American History. The pattern was introduced in the 1962 and many brides have received copies over the years. It has made resurgence and been on the best sellers list since 1984. Purchase the pattern at for 56.00.

Look for these and many more money saving yet, beautiful china place settings online. You can set an elegant and sophisticated table for less these days. Why would you pay more, when you get a great looking service at a reasonable price?


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