Geopathic Stress: 3 Effective Cures To Eliminate Geopathic Stress From Your Home

Published: 22nd January 2010
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Geopathic stress is the name given to harmful effects of unstable electromagnetic fields emanating from the earth. Research has shown that when one's body is exposed to electromagnetic rays for an extended period of time, it can result into the risk of cancer and weakened immune system. When choosing a place to live, it is important to consider the energy that is emanating from the land that it is build on as it can have major effect on us.

A huge survey of over five thousand houses was conducted in the town of Stettin, in Poland. A lot of people had died of cancer in this town. It was established that strong electromagnetic rays crossed their homes. Several ailments are linked to geopathic stress. The act of verifying whether one's bed is being affected by geopathic stress is known as dowsing.

Earth rays have both positive and negative health effects. Schumann waves are the earth rays that promote positive health effects. However, these beneficial waves are inhibited by modern building technology, especially in high-rises.

One of the best ways to identify if your home is being affected by geopathic stress is to watch for any kind of chronic illnesses. If you kids experience frequent nightmares, wakes up crying, or wets the bed regularly, it may be the sign that the bed is being affected by geopathic stress. It is best to hire services of professional dowsers to verify if your bed is being affected by geopathic stress. Pets and other animals naturally avoid the areas that are filled with geopathic stress.

Usually when the house is build on the land where lightening has struck, it gets affected with bad earth rays. Here are three best ways to deal with geopathic stress:

1.) Consider getting the geopathic neutralizing gadgets. Keep in mind that gadgets would only help your place free from bad earth rays only for short amount of time. RadiTech, a geopathic stress neutralizer, is developed by Dulwich Healthy Society in U.K. This is believed to be an effective cure.

2.) Performing earth acupuncture is another effective technique. Hammering lengths of copper pipes or iron rods into the ground works like magic, but this can be fairly expensive treatment.

3.) Feng Shui and space clearing helsp us alleviate the bad earth rays if they are applied correctly.

None of the three techniques mentioned above are long-term permanent cures. The best cure is to remove yourself from the vicinity of the stress itself.


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